What is Home Health?

Formally known as Heralds Home Health

Our mission is to serve our community by maintaining a standard of excellence in the delivery of high quality health care. Our talented clinical team strives to enhance the quality of our patients lives by providing compassionate and comprehensive in-home health services to promote healing and recovery.

Home Health Care may be indicated if a patient:

  • Needs short-term assistance after surgery or hospital stay.
  • Requires skilled nursing services such as wound care, teaching, observation, and assessment.
  • Assistance with IV therapy, including IV antibiotic and IV hydration, Foley Catheter and ostomy care.
  • Chronic or terminal illness.
  • New diagnosis or exacerbation of an existing diagnosis.
  • Older adults who may have an illness or disability and needs assistance at home.
  • Exhibits behaviors that indicate a risk for falls.
  • Frequent re-hospitalizations.
  • Needs specialized therapy for mobility problems, bowel or bladder incontinence, vision problems, ADL needs, or new DME training,
  • Assistance in managing medications.
  • Requires teaching on a disease process or medication.

Who pays for Home Health Care?

If you are eligible for Home Health coverage through Medicare or Medi-Cal, our office will bill them directly. As for insurance coverage, we will verify upon receipt any assignment of benefits. We will bill your insurance carrier directly.


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